Meeting Materials

2017 Midyear Meeting

Friday, February 3, 2017
Workshops 5A & 5B: "Building Bridges Across Deep Divides (Part II) - What Role can Bar Foundations Play?"
Speakers: Barbara O’Reilly and Richard Neustedter

Plenary: "Building Bridges Across Deep Divides (Part II) – What Role can Bar Foundations Play?"

Saturday, February 4, 2017
Rethink Your Event Fundraising Strategy 
Speaker: Brooke Battle
Handouts:, to download:

  • 3-Month Example Calendar
  • Goal Setting Worksheet
  • Powerpoint presentation (in PDF form)
  • Social Media pointers
NCBF 2016 Annual Meeting, August 4-6, San Francisco

Friday, August 5, 2016
Plenary: “Minute Message Model” - Jennie Winton, Founding Partner, Mission Minded

NCBF 2016 Midyear Meeting, February 4-6

Friday, February 5, 2016, Joint Workshop 5A/5B: How to Create the Perfect BOD (Board of Directors): Insider Secrets to Inspire Your Board to Show Up, Reach Out and Bring in Dollars (Parts I and II
Friday, February 5, afternoon workshop: Change the Story, Change the World 

NCBF 2015 Annual Meeting, July 31 – August 1 , Chicago
NCBF 2015 Midyear Meeting – February 5-7, Houston
NCBF 2014 Annual Meeting – August 7-9, Chicago.
NCBF 2014 Midyear Meeting - February 6-8, Chicago

Joint Workshop 5A - A Planned Giving Program for Your Bar Foundation

Joint Workshop 5B - Building a Better Board: Good Governance and Best Practices

Saturday Plenary Session: Bar Foundation Spotlight

2013 Annual Meeting, San Francisco

Friday Morning:

Workshop 5A – How Bar Associations and Foundations Can Use Philanthropy Projects to Empower Members and Communicate a Positive Message about the Legal Profession

Workshop 5B: "Do We Have to Instagram, Too?"

Friday Afternoon: Savvy Tech Tips

Saturday Plenary Roundtables

2013 Midyear Meeting, Dallas
2012 Annual Meeting, Chicago

Workshop 5A: Doing Well by Doing Good

Workshop  5B: Engaging our Legal Comunity in the Mission of the Bar Foundation

Saturday Plenary

2012 Midyear Meeting Materials
2011 Annual Meeting Materials

Workshop 5B - Ten Easy Ways to Involve Your Board in Gift Acquisition and Stewardship

Saturday morning plenary: Building a Compelling Case for Support

2011 Midyear Meeting Materials

Saturday Morning Plenary: "Planning the Before and After of a Successful Endowment Campaign"

Workshop 5B - Setting the Rules for Board Participation - Governance and Expectations: Truth in Advertising

2010 Midyear Meeting Materials

Jane Curran, Executive Director, Florida Bar Foundation

  • Workshop 5B - Beyond the Dues Check-Off

Thomas Hull, Development Director, North Carolina Bar Association Foundation
Kim McKelvey, Executive Director, ALPS Foundation Services
Jayne Tyrrell, Executive Director, Massachusetts IOLTA Committee

NCBF Award Presentation - 50/50 Campaign Annual appeal
Rene McPhedran, Executive Director, Cincinnati Bar Foundation

Firm Volunteer Packet Samples

Planning Documents

Solicitation Samples

Community Partnerships: Working Together through Pro Bono, Educational and Fundraising Programs to Maximize Impact
Lorrie Albert, Director, Allegheny County Bar Foundation