What members are saying

"I  . . . am armed and energized with new ideas from a successful conference.''

  • Andrea Stone, Executive Director

"The NCBF Mid-Year Meeting was very good with relevant content.'' 

  • Nancy Norsworthy, Executive Director
    Oklahoma Bar Foundation

Marshall Lichty"As the Hennepin County Bar Foundation's incoming President, I've got plenty of ideas.  But as someone much wiser than me once said, 'a vision without resources is a hallucination.'  I'm thankful that the NCBF Midyear program provided me some essential resources to make my vision much more than a mirage.''

  • Marshall Lichty, Meagher & Geer PLLP
    Hennepin County Bar Foundation President-Elect

"I have been active with NCBF since the early 1990's and have found it to be a rich resource of ideas for programs, grant making, fund raising, and emerging issues. The national meetings are an excellent place to network with other foundation leaders and learn from their experiences. NCBF is the 'go to' organization for any state or local bar foundation."

  • Marion Smithberger, Executive Director
    Columbus Bar Foundation
    NCBF Past President

"I walked out of the program  '60 Ideas in 90 Minutes'  with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement with the many ideas other state and local bar foundations use to raise funds for our programs with more needs than we can provide.  That is why you go to a meeting like this.  You are pumped up again."

  • Philip C. Genetos,  Past President,
    Indianapolis Bar Foundation

"I definitely walked away with some useful resources and ideas that I have already shared with my Board."

  • Priya Bose
    Development and Programs Manager
    National Asian Pacific American Bar Association Law Foundation