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Join us as we continue to offer great programming and opportunities for information-sharing with colleagues from around the country.

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f you have already registered for the ABA meeting, please contact Nora Warens at for assistance in adding NCBF items to your existing registration.

Registration Options:

NCBF Member 2 Day Program Early bird price: $325 (After June 16): $375
NCBF Non-Member 2 Day Program Early bird price: $425 (After June 16): $425
NCBF Member Sat-Only Early bird price: $175 (After June 16): $225

NCBF Non-Member Sat-Only

Early bird price: $250

(After June 16): $250


NCBF 2016 Midyear Meeting, February 4-6

Plan your "winter getaway" and join us in San Diego for the NCBF Midyear Meeting!  Register now and save on the early bird registration rate (by December 4), and secure your hotel room at the in-demand headquarters hotel, the Marriott Marquis and Marina.


Friday, February 5, 2016
Joint Workshop 5A/5B: How to Create the Perfect BOD (Board of Directors): Insider Secrets to Inspire Your Board to Show Up, Reach Out and Bring in Dollars (Parts I and II) - Cindi Phallen, President, Create Possibility

Friday, February 5, afternoon workshop:
Change the Story, Change the World – Andy Goodman, Director, The Goodman Center
Change the Story, Change the World (Powerpoint Presentation)

Saturday, February 6, 2016
Creating Relevance with the Next Generation - Dan Negroni, Founder and CEO, Launchbox
This is an interactive session so no handouts. Check out launchbox to learn more about the resources available regarding cross-generational issues.

NCBF Annual Meeting, July 31 – August 1 , Chicago

Here’s information to help you make the most out of your participation in the Chicago annual meeting:

Friday, July 31, 2015

Joint Workshop 5A: Addressing Challenges of the Changing Legal Landscape:  Pipeline, Debt Forgiveness and Lawyer Employment Efforts

Joint Workshop 5B: Investment Practices and Policies – Thomas Moushey and Matthew Veith

Plenary: Talkin’ ‘bout My Generation: Hon. Debra Walker and Brittany Wisniewski

Saturday, August 1, 2015


NCBF Midyear Meeting, February 5-7

Final Program


NCBF 2014 Annual Meeting, August 7-9, Boston

Program highlights included workshops by Tom Ahern, expert on nonprofit donor communications, and Robert Ambrogi, lawyer and consultant on social media and legal technology.

Joint NABE/NCBP/NCBF Program

Partnerships for Success Presentation:  Board Observer Program  - Philadelphia Bar Foundation:

BOP Organization Expression of Interest Form

BOP Overview Application Form

BOP Application


Joint Workshop 5A: Do-It-Yourself Audit – Tom Ahern

Joint Workshop 5B: Donor Communications and Case for Support – Tom Ahern

Friday afternoon plenary: Planned Giving Part II

Meeting Materials

NCBF 2014 Midyear Meeting - February 6-8, Chicago

2014 NABE/NCBP/NCBF Midyear Meeting Program


2013 NCBF Annual Meeting, August 8-10, San Francisco

Final Joint NABE/NCBP/NCBF  Program


2012 NCBF Annual Meeting, August 2-4, Chicago, IL


Final Joint NABE/NCBP/NCBF Program


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