NCBF/LexisNexis "Partnerships For Success" Award

In partnership with LexisNexis, this NCBF award honors bar foundation initiatives that make a significant impact in their community on issues for which lawyers are uniquely positioned to lead. An underlying goal of this foundation initiative is to establish new partnership opportunities, or leverage existing ones, through the meaningful involvement and support from an affiliated bar association and other allied members of the legal community.

The selected Foundation will receive $1,500 in unrestricted funds generously donated by Lexis/Nexis.

The program must be a law-related philanthropic initiative (e.g., access to justice, law related education, diversity of the legal profession) that:

  1. Is consistent with the NCBF guiding principles;
  2. Has a significant impact on the justice system or the community at large;
  3. Advances a foundation mission that has meaningful support from the association and/or its members;
  4. Engages other community partners (e.g., law firms, the courts, other legal organizations, other foundations supporting or developing law-related programs);
  5. Can serve as a model for other bar associations and/or foundations that could be replicated in some way; and
  6. Demonstrates meaningful involvement and support from the bar association, including (but not limited to):

    • A formal joint initiative co-sponsored and co-administered by the association and

    • An initiative where the foundation is the lead entity but has the association's
    approval and which significantly involves association members in the work

    • An association program funded by the foundation which also directly advances
    the foundation's mission.

    • A foundation program or collaborative that advances access to justice in partnership
    with service providers, the courts or organized philanthropy.

The 2014 winning program is the Philadelphia Bar Foundation's Board Observer Program.  Jointly sponsored with the Philadelphia Bar Association, the program provides local legal services organizations with young attorney "observers" who receive exposure to the work of the organizations and non-profit governance skills.  Started in 2011, the program has involved 68 young lawyers, 29 non-profit organizations, and a number of local legal employers. With minimal costs, the program is a win-win for all parties.

Previous Partnerships for Success Award Winners

2013 - The Baton Rouge Bar Foundation is the recipient of this year's Partnerships for Success Award for its Self Help Resource Center.

2012 - Tarrant County Bar Foundation for its Texas Lawyers for Texas Veterans-TCBA Chapter

2011 - Milwaukee Bar Association Foundation for its Milwaukee Justice Center

Previous Award Programs

The NCBF Fundraising for Success Award was established to honor excellence in bar foundation fundraising.

The Indianapolis Bar Foundation won the 2012 award for its Giving Level Improvement Initiative. The IBF encouraged those donors that were within reach of a higher giving level to increase their 2011 donation total.

Get more fundraising ideas from other award applicants:

NCBF Award for Bar Foundation Excellence in Public Service Programming.

The NCBF Award for Bar Foundation Excellence in Public Service Programming, established in 1999, recognizes a bar foundation for an innovative, imaginative program and/or grant award for public service projects in the legal arena. The award honors a bar or law foundation for its creative response to important societal issues.

Winning entries from recent years include:

      2010 Springfield (MO) Metropolitan Bar Foundation, "Love Them, Don't Leave Them Wondering," designed to assist individuals in understanding and completing medical directives.

      2009    North Carolina Bar Association Foundation, "4ALL," a five-front program with a name that's a twist on "justice for all," and designed to involve all members of the legal profession in North Carolina.

      2008    South Carolina Bar Foundation, "Alternatives to Incarceration," an initiative conducted by the South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families and funded by the bar foundation to serve non-violent, low-income fathers who are behind in child support payment

      2007    Cincinnati Bar Foundation, "Out  of the Crossfire," a gunshot violence intervention program created by the bar foundation

      2006    Allegheny County Bar Foundation, "Attorneys Against Hunger," a greassroots campaign to raise money for hunger relief


NCBF -ALPS Foundation Services Award for Innovations in Fundraising

The NCBF-ALPS Foundation Services Award for Innovations in Fundraising was established to honor excellence in state and local bar foundation fundraising. Innovative fundraising techniques, from training board members to creating original programs, are important to successful fundraising. Recognition of these efforts benefits all NCBF members by providing information on programs that work and can be replicated by other bar foundations.